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Hugo Technology BSI Recertification


Hugo Technology Ltd not only passed the 3-year recertification, but we did so with flying colours, without a single non-conformance being raised over the 3 days.

Hugo Technology Ltd are accredited through British Standards Institute (BSI), as a result our Quality Management System could be audited and interrogated to the highest standard. Hugo Technology Ltd currently hold accreditation to ISO 13485:2016 through BSI. In addition, Hugo also operates a risk management system which is compliant with ISO 14971:2012.

As a result of our accreditation through BSI, Hugo Technology is required to undergo a stringent audit every 12 months to ensure that we continue to work to the highest standard. However, this audit just undergone was our 3-year recertification, where it is decided whether or not we are working to a high enough standard to maintain our accreditation.

“I’d like to thank everyone that spent time with the auditor this week, you all epitomised what Hugo stands for in the way you presented yourselves. I’d also like to thank those of you who were involved in the preparation for the audit over the last couple of weeks, your hard work and vigilance made my job that little easier over the last 3 days. Finally, and most of all, I’d like to thank you all for the continued support, belief and trust you show in the Quality System itself and what it helps us achieve!”

– Neil Howard, Systems & Compliance Manager, Hugo Technology Ltd

The importance of Quality at Hugo Technology Ltd

“Quality is imperative from a workshop technical view, to ensure that each medical device, no matter how complex, leaves Hugo Technology in a fully serviceable and reliable condition. This is not only to comply with our OEM Customers expectations and standards, but also knowing that each of these individual devices are used on patients to not only help save lives, but to help improve their quality of life.”

– Ian Elsworth, Workshop Manager, Hugo Technology Ltd

“Being in the warehouse, quality is essential in everything we do. From incoming devices, to devices leaving Hugo. If we didn’t follow the quality guidelines, the warehouse couldn’t function.”

– Glen Marley, Warehouse Team Leader, Hugo Technology Ltd

“Quality is important to the Customer Services Team as we want to provide an excellent service to each and every customer. We expect our team to respond to every enquiry with professionalism and follow the quality guidelines set to ensure every step is followed to the customers’ requirements.”

– Carol Doodey, Planning Team Leader, Hugo Technology Ltd

“From a Workshop perspective, quality is imperative to productivity. A lot of our Back-to-Base customers rely on us to adhere to quality standards and procedures to ensure correct servicing and maintaining of devices is carried out. We have a wide range of medical and test equipment, which the quality process allows us to maintain absolute control and traceability over. The team works so hard to ensure no stone is left unturned at every opportunity. ”

– Emma Tibbetts, Production Support Administrator, Hugo Technology Ltd

“Quality is guided and supported by vision, policy and procedure. Fidelity is a product of culture Hugo’s culture nurtures, inculcates and empowers integrity, Integrity is a characteristic of the individual, The individual delivers quality, That’s the way we do things around here. Quality has two enemies: non-conformance and over-processing. Non-conformance puts lives at risk Over-processing wastes valuable resources.”

– Michael Hughes, QC Inspector, Hugo Technology Ltd


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