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Opthalmology Device Repair. Hugo Technology are experts at complying by the various work instructions and processes supplied by Original Equipment manufacturers


Quality Assurance underpins every aspect of the work carried out by Hugo Technology

Constructed in-house and meticulously developed over several years, Hugo Technology operates an exceptional online Quality Management System.  

Quality Management

Quality Management

Constructed in-house, and meticulously developed over several years, Hugo operates an exceptional online Quality Management System.

Dedicated Compliance Team 

With a dedicated Systems and Compliance Team, customers can be secure in the knowledge that the strictest standards are upheld at every stage of the process.   

ISO Standards

Our company-wide culture of continuous improvement, lean values and sustainability add credence to our ISO 13485 accreditation and upcoming 14001 accreditation.  

Hugo technology employee at computer using bespoke QMS

The Hugo QMS

Using our internal online Quality System, all Hugo employees, whether in the offices or in the field, can view aspects such as Documented Procedures, Original Device Service Manuals, OEM Work Instructions, Training Records, Internal Audit Reports, KPI Data and Risk Assessments. 

It is this bespoke system that gives us the flexibility to make any required changes, enabling us to accommodate new contracts and strengthen our existing services, whilst reliably meeting customer, regulatory and compliance obligations. 

Neil Howard, Systems and Compliance Manager

Neil Howard, Systems & Compliance Manager

Having been instrumental in developing our robust and flexible internal systems, it is no exaggeration to say that I have experienced first-hand how our customers reap the benefits of our unique and diligent approach.

The numerous successful external audits we have undertaken has given us an enhanced confidence in our systems, approach and company-wide ethos. However, we don’t allow ourselves to become complacent and we are always striving for ways to improve our systems. 

My team has grown dramatically over the last 7 years and currently our focus is on lean solutions for ourselves and our customers. 

In addition, we are excited to be improving company sustainability- We are now ISO14001 certified, achieving this accreditation at the first time of asking with zero non-conformances

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