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Training in a relevant environment

Discover Hugo Technology's state-of-the-art workspace hire solutions at our strategically located Headquarters in the Heart of England.

Our facility offers an ideal base for biomedical engineering work and training, catering to the specific needs of medical device repair and maintenance professionals.

Experience the convenience of hiring our workshop space, equipped with benches, appropriate power supply, anti-static precautions, air lines, overhead projector and ample storage. It provides the perfect environment for seamless biomedical engineering tasks.

For training sessions or team gatherings, our Training Room accommodates up to 8 students comfortably, whilst fostering a collaborative and efficient learning experience.

Whether you seek a prime location to unite your team or require a well-equipped workspace for a specific duration, we have the facilities to meet your needs. Hugo Technology's workspace hire offers the ideal solution for cutting-edge biomedical engineering work in today's dynamic healthcare landscape.

Workspace Hire

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