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Hugo Technology warehouse team member controlling stock levels and stock counting to ensure accuracy

Storage & Stock

Bespoke Reporting, Demand Forecasting & More

Hugo Technology's comprehensive warehousing function caters to diverse storage and stock control needs. Some of the stoc included in our Inventory management for medical device OEMs are:

•    Medical device loan units
•    Spare Parts & critical components
•    Device accessories
•    Packaging and labelling materials
•    Surgical Instruments and apparatus
•    Consumable supplies
•    Diagnostic and Test Equipment
•    Control of stock with limited shelf-life

We recognise that each client has unique storage requirements, which has driven us to develop flexible asset-management systems tailored to meet their specific needs.

We have established a reputation for meticulous stock control, offering stock counts and bespoke reports aligned with OEM specifications.

Additionally, for certain OEMs, our sole service revolves around storage and stock control, alleviating their burden of financing dedicated storage facilities and reducing overall costs.

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