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Project Management

Endorsed by Numerous Customer Acclaims

At Hugo Technology, project management has become second nature to us, honing our expertise in overseeing large-scale upgrades and Installation projects involving an extensive array of medical devices.


Recognising the unique demands of each project, we remain adaptable to the ever evolving needs of our esteemed clients, ensuring seamless execution of comprehensive Project Management tasks within pre-established OEM budgets and specifications.

When faced with challenging deadlines and high-pressure scenarios demanding prompt and efficient execution, we invite you to leverage our exceptional project management capabilities.

Medical Device Installation

Seamless Integration



By breaking down the installation process into manageable phases, healthcare facilities can ensure smooth integration, optimised workflow and provide uninterrupted patient care while adapting to new technologies. 

We are able to work alongside OEM Engineers or fully project-lead a phased installation according to OEM guidelines.


Engineer Support

Our Field Engineers are MIA registered and are allocated according to the varying levels of technical expertise required for a medical device installation project- higher level Field Engineers are tasked with the networking stages and vice versa.

This allows for efficient resource utilisation, specialised expertise and cost optimisation for OEMs.

Multidisciplinary Liaison & Co-ordination

Our communicative approach minimises failed visits and ensures smooth and seamless medical device Installation projects.

Some stakeholders that we liaise with before site attendance includes:


OEM Sales Teams, engineers and logistics teams, hospital IT, Clinical Application Specialists & Project Managers. 

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Field Safety Notices

Supporting OEM Compliance

At Hugo Technology, we specialise in the comprehensive management and execution of large volume software and hardware Field Safety Notices.

As a trusted partner for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), we understand the critical importance of ensuring product safety and compliance in the field. Our robust FSN project management process is designed to streamline communication, mitigate risks and ensure regulatory compliance, thereby safeguarding your brand's reputation and enhancing customer trust.

We offer tailored solutions that cater to the unique needs of each OEM, ensuring that all safety notices are handled efficiently and effectively by technically astute engineers.



Our experienced Engineers understand the importance of timely and accurate implementation to minimise disruption to healthcare services. 

Meticulous planning and close collaboration with stakeholders ensures efficient execution, enabling our OEMs to address quality issues and meet regulatory obligations in relation to FSNs.

Expert Access Negotiation

The Hugo Technology Customer Services Team have established robust and enduring relationships with NHS hospitals over the past two decades. 

As a result, our expertise in negotiating access to medical devices requiring Field Change Orders (FCOs), Field Modification Instructions (FMIs), or Field Safety Notices (FSNs) is unparalleled. 

Collating Device

Status Evidence

We diligently gather detailed evidence on decommissioned medical devices, meticulously track 'lost' or non-locatable devices to their ‘end location’ and obtain customer signatures.  

These signatures hold significant value, as they serve as vital documentation that can be submitted by the OEM to the MHRA for FSN, FCO or FMI closure.

Field Safety Notices
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