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Hugo Technology Aims to Expand European Reach: Insights from Switzerland Business Development Trip

Updated: Mar 27

We're excited to share the latest updates from Hugo Technology, your trusted partner in medical and laboratory device maintenance. Our commitment to excellence drives us not only to provide unparalleled services, but also to continuously explore new opportunities for growth and collaboration as Hugo aims to expand European reach.

Earlier this month, Hugo’s Finance and Commercial Director- Warwick Oakey along with Business Manager- Stephens Alexander, embarked on a Business Development trip to Switzerland. This wasn’t just a routine visit- it was a strategic one, aimed at expanding our reach in Europe and to strengthen relationships with key stakeholders in the medical and laboratory device industry.

During the visit, Warwick and Stephens met with one of our European based clients, further solidifying our commitment to providing exceptional service and support. They also had the opportunity to meet with a diverse array of businesses, leveraging these interactions for valuable insight into their operations. It was also a key networking opportunity for us.

From Zurich with Love poster at Switzerland airport

Switzerland, renowned for its innovation and precision, provided an ideal backdrop for exploring synergies and making new connections. Our team's interactions was across various medical device modalities, creating a deeper understanding of market dynamics and emerging trends in the medical and laboratory technology landscape.

As we reflect on this experience, we are stoked by the possibilities that lie ahead. The insights gained from this trip will not only inform our strategic decisions but also enable us to better serve Original Equipment Manufacturer’s evolving needs.

At Hugo Technology, we remain steadfast in our commitment to excellence, innovation and customer satisfaction. As we continue to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of medical and laboratory device maintenance, we are grateful for your ongoing support and partnership.

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