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Hugo Technology Announces Strategic Partnership with IVD Market Leader for Repair and Maintenance Services in Ireland.

We are excited to announce a strategic partnership with a leading In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) Original Equipment Manufacturer. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our European Market Entry Strategy, as developed by our Business Manager, Stephens Alexander. Read on to discover more...

As part of this ground-breaking partnership, Hugo Technology will deploy a dedicated workforce that live and work in Ireland, ensuring seamless and efficient repair and maintenance services for a wide range of medical devices and laboratory equipment to support this new client as well as our existing partners. This initiative underscores our commitment to expanding our presence in the European market and replicating our successful UK operations across EU countries.

Stephens Alexander, Business Manager at Hugo Technology, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership:

Our exclusive partnership with this IVD market leader is a testament to Hugo Technology's expertise and dedication to providing unparalleled repair and maintenance services. By establishing a local presence in Ireland, we are not only enhancing our service capabilities but also reinforcing our commitment to supporting healthcare providers with reliable and efficient solutions. This is just the beginning of our ambitious plans to expand our footprint across Europe with detailed market research completed as part of our 8-point European Market Entry Strategy Template.


Sam Weller, National Field Service Manager, added:

Our team is thrilled to bring Hugo Technology's renowned service excellence to Ireland. With our skilled workforce on the ground, we can ensure timely and high quality maintenance services for medical devices and laboratory equipment, directly benefiting healthcare facilities and their patients. We are excited to contribute to the healthcare landscape in Ireland and look forward to fostering long-term relationships with our new and existing OEM clients.

The implementation of this partnership is also attributed to the meticulous efforts of our compliance team. Louis Tsang, Senior Compliance Officer and Steve Holland, Compliance Officer worked diligently to complete the necessary processes and work instructions for this exciting new project. We are confident that their comprehensive approach will support the smooth implementation of our services in Ireland.

Hugo Technology confirms patnership with IVD leader in Ireland
From left to right: Stephens Alexander, Sam Weller

This strategic move aligns with Hugo Technology’s mission to deliver unparalleled service in the repair and maintenance of medical devices and laboratory equipment. Our expansion into Ireland represents a significant step towards becoming the leading provider of medical and laboratory equipment maintenance services across Europe.


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Also find our list of vacancies here.


More on Hugo Technology:

Hugo Technology specialises in the repair and maintenance of a wide range of medical devices and laboratory equipment. With a proven track record in the UK, our services ensure the optimal performance and longevity of critical healthcare technology, supporting medical professionals in delivering high quality patient care.

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