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Hugo Technology's Christmas Meeting 2023: Spreading Joy & Success!

Hugo Technology's Christmas Meeting saw over 85 members of the dynamic Hugo Technology Team, gathered at the picturesque Ardencote Manor Hotel to share success stories and the outlook for 2024. Read on to see how many lives we impacted in 2023!

How many patient's lives we impacted in 2023:

Warwick Oakey, Finance & Commercial Director, opened the meeting with some truly outstanding overview of the year 2023. In summary, The Hugo Technology Team directly impacted the lives of over 735,000 medical patients in 2023! This was great motivation for all at Hugo Technology, and a way to reflect on the impact that each and every one of our dedicated teams have.

2024: A Year of Promise:

In the spirit of new beginnings, the management team highlighted success stories from 2023 and unveiled exciting plans for 2024. From partnering with new medical device manufacturers for medical device support, becoming ISO14001 certified, to an intensified focus on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) in 2024.

2023 was successful and the horizon is bright, and we're charging into 2024 with gusto!

Trivia, Treats, and Cheers:

A much-anticipated tradition, the annual quiz, led by the ever-charismatic Glen Marley, brought competition and laughter to the forefront. A late ‘VAR’ check by a quiz sub-team led by Stephens Alexander, Our Business Manager, was not enough to topple the eventual winners of the quiz- Th sub-team led by Neil Howard, Systems & Compliance Manager - Congratulations!

Funky Sweaters, Festive Fashion & Charity:

Adding a touch of flair to the day, our team showcased an array of funky Christmas jumpers. Ben Kelly stole the show with his 'Christmas Tree' jumper, proving once again that festive spirit knows no bounds at Hugo Technology! We didn’t forget the needy however, with a respectable donation by our employees to the Save The Children charity.

Hampers, Raffle, Questionable Gift & Thanks:

Our directors - Warwick Oakey, Andrew Parton, and Judith Parton—deserve a special mention for spreading joy by personally gifting luxury Christmas hampers to our hardworking team. What’s more? A surprise raffle with some fantastic gifts were won by some lucky team members- Great stuff! It was a heartfelt gesture that truly captured the spirit of the season.

To add to the fun atmosphere, Sam Weller, Field Service Manager and Charlotte Cushing, Customer Services Manager handed a questionable/funny gift to directors- Andrew Parton and Warwick Oakey. The room was filled with laughter and cheer when the nicely wrapped box was opened! Although we are unable to disclose it's contents, Warwick's comment on the gift was: 'You clearly went through alot of expense to get me this :-) ' Way to go, Sam & Charlotte.

Ardencote Extravaganza:

The evening continued with a scrumptious three-course meal, a true feast for the senses, hosted by Ardencote. To add to the merriment, our employees' partners were invited to join us for the evening meal and disco, turning the celebration into a delightful gathering of both professional and personal connections.

In Summary:

Hugo Technology's Christmas Meeting 2023 was a day filled with joy, laughter and an optimistic outlook for the future at Hugo Technology. As we bid farewell to 2023, we invite you to share in the excitement and carry this positive energy into the New Year.

Here's to a year filled with success, joy and new partnerships!

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