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Expert medical device repair and maintenance services. c-arm, x-ray, imaging, anaesthesia, infusion pumps, cardiology equipment experts

Providing Medical and Laboratory Equipment Repair and Maintenance Services With Moral Integrity. 

At Hugo Technology, we partner with global medical device manufacturers to deliver world class medical and laboratory device maintenance services that lives depend upon.

Our Services

Our Services

Our medical device solutions can be executed by engineers based at our two back-to-base facilities or by our strategically located UK Field Engineer Team, giving OEMs nationwide and EMEA coverage. 

Medical Device Maintenance

We perform Preventative Maintenance on a wide variety of more than 35,000 medical devices at our service centres, Healthcare settings and at OEM premses.

Medical Device Repair

Our in-depth understanding of OEM medical devices and their respective Service Level Agreements contributes to our industry-renowned high first-time fix rate.


Developed in response to customer needs, our pre-commissioning service offers a full solution to  negate the risk of Out Of Box Failures with new medical devices. 


Our comprehensive de-commissioning steps include: Planning, data erasure, deactivation and environmentally responsible disposal. Compliance and transparency is prioritised throughout the process.

Storage & Stock Control

We provide OEMs with specialised Stock Control Solutions that optimises operations, reduces costs and ensures the availability and quality of critical medical devices, their accessories, parts and consumables.

Medical Device Logistics

Our White-glove service ensures secure and attentive handling as we ship and collect OEM's medical devices and products, using our fleet of company vehicles and Enhanced DBS checked personnel.


With extensive expertise in Project Management, we successfully manage large-scale medical device upgrades and Installations that encompasses thousands of medical devices.


With over 15,000 installation days under our belt, OEMs rely on our expertise, efficiency, reliability, flexibility & adaptability to ensure successful and compliant Installation Projects.

Field Safety

With experience in managing over 70,000 FSNs, we expertly negotiate access to affected devices, execute FSN to OEM specification and collate and report Device Status Evidence.

Sustainability ESG CSR

Reducing Our 
Environmental Impact 

We are proud to announce that Hugo Technology is now ISO 14001:2015 certified.

Certified in November 2023, we are proud to be monitoring and reducing our environmental aspects and impacts such as energy, water, emissions, WEEE waste, greenhouse gases and fuel. 

Furthermore, we are proud to confirm that our certification process was completed with zero non-conformances raised- A true testament to the meticulous and tireless efforts put forth by the entire team. Find out more on our certification story here.

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