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A Christmas meeting to remember

‘Tis the season to be jolly and embrace

the merry spirit of the holidays!

The Hugo Technology Team came together for an unforgettable celebration that left us all beaming with delight at The Ardencote Manor Hotel on December 9th, 2022.

Christmas jumper day

Before we dive into the festivities, let’s start by acknowledging the remarkable enthusiasm displayed on Christmas Jumper day. Although observed on the 8th of December in 2022, the Hugo family decided align it with the Christmas Meeting on the 9th December instead! The team showcased their favourite festive knits – What a sight it was to witness the team wearing their vibrant, creative and sometimes downright hilarious Christmas jumpers!

Local foodbank donations

In the true spirit of giving, this year’s Christmas meeting took on an extra special meaning. Inspired by the charitable ambiance of the day, some members of our incredible team suggested combining our festivities with a noble cause. In addition or as an alternative to donating £2 for the privilege of wearing a Christmas jumper, many brought in groceries that were earmarked for a foodbank local to Bromsgrove . It was heart-warming to witness our Hugo family coming together to support the community.

Hugo's humble beginings

Our daytime gathering was an opportunity for reflection and appreciation as Andrew Parton and Warwick Oakey, the founders of Hugo Technology, took us on a captivating journey through the company’s humble beginnings. We were transported back to the early days when Hugo started in a modest three-bedroom, semi-detached house, right in Andrew and Jude’s bedroom! It was a testament to the immense growth and success we have achieved as a team.

A successful year

Furthermore, Michael Stock, Stephens Alexander and Neil Howard captivated us with their presentations, shedding light on the exceptional accomplishments in finance, commerce, and compliance respectively throughout the year. Their remarkable insights highlighted the tremendous progress we have made collectively, solidifying our position as a leading medical device repair, maintenance and support company.

Quiz master Glen

The excitement reached its peak as our beloved Glen Marley, Hugo’s warehouse Team Leader, orchestrated the annual quiz with absolute finesse. With questions spanning a wide range of topics, the quiz was engaging, stirred our competitive spirits and brought forth a healthy dose of laughter. With randomly selected and grouped teams, the crowned champion for an incredible sixth consecutive year was a team led by none other than Sam Weller, our esteemed National Field Service Manager! We’re in awe of his uncanny ability to conquer a quiz.

Hampers for all!

No Christmas celebration would be complete without gifts. Our gracious leaders, Andrew, Warwick, and Judith Parton, took the opportunity to surprise the entire team with Christmas hampers. The joy and appreciation were palpable as each member received their hamper, overflowing with festive delights and tokens of gratitude.

Better halves welcome

As tradition demands at a Hugo Technology Christmas Meeting, the team members welcomed their better halves to the latter part of the day for an evening filled with delectable culinary delights and lively entertainment. The three-course dinner was a gastronomic delight, with each bite bringing forth the flavours of the holiday season. And the dance floor came alive with enthusiastic moves as we revelled in the spirited music, celebrating unity, camaraderie and the joys of being part of the extraordinary Hugo Technology family.

It was a night to remember, where laughter echoed, friendships strengthened and memories etched themselves in our hearts. We couldn’t have asked for a more enjoyable and fun-filled celebration of the festive season.

'til next Christmas

As we bid adieu to yet another remarkable year, we express our deepest gratitude to each member of the Hugo team for their unwavering dedication, passion and commitment. Together, we have created an exceptional year, and we eagerly look forward to the remarkable opportunities that lie ahead in the coming year.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our Medical Device OEM clients and their respective families a joyous holiday season filled with warmth, laughter and cherished moments.

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