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Outsourcing Options: How global Medical Device OEMs outsource to Hugo Technology.

Medical Device OEM partnership

Medical Device Outsourcing Options

In the dynamic world of healthcare technology, medical device OEMs seek dependable partners for repair and maintenance outsourcing options. Hugo Technology emerges as a key player in this field, with a track record of collaboration with global medical device OEMs. But how do these OEMs come to work with Hugo Technology? Let’s explore the pathways:

Full Service Contract Outsourcing

A significant portion of our work at Hugo Technology is secured through long-term contracts. These comprehensive agreements offer numerous benefits to the OEM, one of which is a dedicated Account Manager, who will support in building a bespoke and ever evolving reporting dashboard, ensuring transparency and data-driven decision-making. Regular business review meetings are also a standard practice, allowing us to align our services with the evolving needs of our partners.

Emergency Support

Hugo Technology stands ready to provide emergency support to OEMs through Field Safety Notice (FSN) support. Our stellar reputation is built on our ability to work under tight deadlines and follow specific instructions to meet FSN deadlines.

Short-term & Trial Projects

Occasionally, OEMs require temporary support or may opt for a piecemeal project as a trial before committing to a long-term partnership. One example of such work is installation support, where we prove our capabilities and reliability.

Backlog Support

OEMs with resource constraints can lead to a backlog of medical device preventive maintenance. Hugo Technology assists OEMs in addressing this backlog by deploying our skilled engineers who can work independently or complement OEM engineers, ensuring timely resolution.

Ready to Explore a Partnership?

Have a question or looking for support? Talk to our Business Manager, Stephens Alexander:

Stephens Alexander, Hugo technology Ltd. Business Manager
My problem solving and innovative thinking has been instrumental in supporting new OEM clients and managing Hugo’s relationship with our current portfolio of more than 20 OEM contracts. As your first point of contact, my aim is to ensure that your medical device support requirements are understood, proposed solutions discussed and ratified by key stakeholders.

At Hugo Technology, OEM objectives and requirements are always accorded significant importance. Our Team of experienced Operations Managers are responsible for executing OEM requirements to the letter, with integrity.

Click on the ‘contact us’ button for a complimentary, commitment free consultation. Let us be your trusted partner in the world of medical device repair and maintenance.

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