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Hugo Technology Announces Exciting New Partnerships For Maintenance Services

Updated: Feb 2

Hugo Technology Elevates Medical Equipment Support Services With Two Key Partnerships:

We are thrilled to announce that in the past 7 weeks, Hugo Technology has signed two ground breaking partnerships with prominent Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), marking a significant leap forward in our commitment to delivering top notch medical and laboratory equipment maintenance services.

Strategic Collaborations To Enhance Maintenance Solutions:

1. World Leading Manufacturer in Cardiopulmonary Diagnostics:

We are honoured to partner with a global leader in the manufacturing and supply of devices for cardiopulmonary diagnostics, defibrillation, patient monitoring and software solutions for the medical industry. This collaboration further solidifies our presence in the patient monitoring maintenance services field. This partnership involves the flow of devices to and from the UK, incorporating the provision of loan units to prevent any disruption for end users in accessing essential devices.

2. Independent Manufacturer And Distributor Of High Quality Medical Products:

Our second partnership is with an independent manufacturer and exclusive distributor renowned for their high-quality medical products, spanning cardiovascular, diagnostics, infusion, laboratory, histology, vascular, MRI technology and more. This collaboration enriches our service offerings, providing comprehensive solutions across diverse laboratory equipment field.

Manufacturer Training:

As a pre-requisite for working on any medical equipment, we always ensure that our engineers receive training direct from the medical or laboratory equipment manufacturers.

As such, a number of our engineers have already received training at the headquarters of one of our new partners, with another group of engineers scheduled for training in February 2024 in another major European city.

Quotes from Key Figures:

Stephens Alexander, Business Manager at Hugo Technology:

Stephens Alexander, Business Manager at Medical Device Maintenance Company
We are ecstatic about these partnerships, which underscore our commitment to excellence in medical device maintenance. The collaborations align with our mission to provide world class solutions that enhance patient care and streamline operations for medical and laboratory equipment OEMs.

Warwick Oakey, Joint Founder, Finance & Commercial Director At Hugo Technology:

Finance & Commercial Director at Hugo technology Ltd.
This is a pivotal moment for Hugo Technology. We've strengthened our global presence, whilst offering good value to our partners. This reinforces our position as a trusted ally in the medical and laboratory equipment support services industry.

Hugo Technology Partnerships Announcement:

As we reflect on these recent milestones, we find inspiration in the endless possibilities that collaboration brings. These partnerships embody our commitment to elevating healthcare technology and patient outcomes. At Hugo Technology, we see these endeavours not just as transactions but as the building blocks of a shared vision for a safer future.

We extend our gratitude to our partners, stakeholders and the healthcare community for entrusting us with the responsibility of enhancing their medical and laboratory equipment via our support services. Together, we are creating a legacy of excellence, where innovation meets compassion.

Our journey continues, fuelled by a passion for advancing healthcare solutions. We look forward to the challenges and triumphs ahead, knowing that every step we take contributes to a world where well maintained medical and laboratory equipment is accessible to all.

Thank you for being part of the Hugo Technology story.

Contact us for more information on how we can support you as a Medical or Laboratory Equipment Manufacturer seeking expert after sales support.

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