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Hugo Technology: Your Partner In Expert Administrative Support On Field Safety Notices For OEMs

Updated: Apr 3

In the intricate landscape of medical and laboratory device maintenance, Hugo Technology stands as a beacon of reliability and efficiency. We understand that Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) face multifaceted challenges, especially when it comes to managing Field Safety Notices (FSNs) and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

That's where the dedicated Hugo Customer Services Team steps in, offering comprehensive support in FSN administration, which includes telephone calls relating to 'information only' Field Safety Notices.

Let's delve into how our team excels in easing the burden of FSN management for OEMs, featuring insights from notable members of The Hugo Customer Services Team.


Bespoke Field Safety Notice Administrative Support

We recognise that each OEM operates within unique contexts and requires tailored solutions to address their specific needs. This is why we conduct a thorough needs analysis at inception, ensuring that all customer and regulatory requirements are met and adhered to.  


Stephens Alexander, Business Manager:

Listening to customer requirements and subsequently implementing them successfully with the support of our compliance and operational teams brings me so much joy. I am proud to say that Hugo Technology thrives on creating bespoke solutions by utilising market leading tools that reports data according to OEM’s KPI target requirements.


Navigating FSN Complexities- Evidence Collation in an MHRA Friendly Format.

Due to the years of relationships built with hospital EBMEs in the NHS and a wide range of private hospitals, we are able to make contact with the relevant personnel with ease and evidence the volume of telephone contact attempts to the specific requirements of the OEM.

Charlotte, Customer Services Manager:

Managing FSN administrative tasks demands a keen understanding of regulatory requirements and meticulous attention to detail. The Hugo Customer Services Team takes pride in collating evidence and presenting it in a format suitable to the MHRA. Our team work tirelessly to streamline the process, providing personalised support every step of the way.

Furthermore, we are able to step in and support at any phase of the process, whether it's at the project's inception or even if Hugo's engagement occurs after the project has already commenced.


KPI, Transparent Communication and Timely Updates

Effective communication lies at the heart of successful FSN management. The Hugo Customer Services Team ensures transparent and timely updates, building clear communication channels between OEMs and all necessary stakeholders.

Our ability to work to tight deadlines is often lauded by the numerous OEMs that we have supported in fulfilling these manpower heavy administrative tasks.

Finally, most OEMs that we work with require weekly or bi-weekly updates, including KPI reporting. Our KPI reporting is facilitated by a highly malleable system that is capable of producing digitally automated reports in data sets specified by the OEM. See a sample report that you could benefit from below:


Seamless Integration with Maintenance Services

In addition to our FSN support capabilities, Hugo Technology is renowned for our expertise in medical and laboratory device maintenance. Our integrated approach allows OEMs to seamlessly combine FSN administration if they so wish, with our remote or hands-on corrective and preventative maintenance services, ensuring comprehensive device safety and reliability.



Our services constantly evolve as a result of innovation or as a result of simple OEM requests.

Due to the irregular and temporary nature of FSNs, most of our OEM partners prefer to focus on their regular day to day activities or perhaps on Research and Development, whilst outsourcing Field Safety Notices to us due to our notable ability to scale up and scale down operations without making redundancies.


For OEMs seeking tested, efficient and reliable support in FSN management and medical device maintenance, Hugo Technology is the trusted partner you can rely on. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive services and how we can support your organisation's needs.

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