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Larger operational space, new contracts

Updated: Jun 7, 2023


The simple and straightforward way to explain our recent move into Stoke Heath Works, Bromsgrove- Business Growth!

As our partnerships with OEMs continue to grow, new contracts are negotiated and executed, Stephens Alexander, Hugo Technology’s Business Manager speaks below about the Hugo’s Back-To-Base service and the recent investment in the business by Hugo Technology’s owners.

Over the last 22 years at Hugo Technology, we have built on the successes of our Back-To-Base operations. We performed Medical Device Maintenance, Repair and Support over three centrally located sites in Bromsgrove. Whilst being spread across three sites had its advantages, Hugo was bursting at the seams and we eventually outgrew all three sites.As part of our strategic long term goals, we made a decision to amalgamate all three sites into a larger, well sited building that could accommodate all operational functions as well as have the luxury of extra space for growth and the uptake of more medical device maintenance and service contracts.The news was announced on Hugo’s linkedin page here: to fantastic reception by our 1,600+ followers. At a time where many businesses may take an overly cautious approach to business investment, I’m pleased to see that the Business owners here at Hugo have decided to invest in the business with a view to growing and working with more medical device OEM clients for our back-to-base operations following a strong business case. I am even happier at the receipt of our first ‘request/order’ of a recently negotiated contract to be executed by Eric, one of our operational support team members. I look forward to the future here at Hugo and to growing the agreements whilst bringing on new medical device servicing and maintenance agreements. 

To find out more on our Back-To-Base service, please contact Stephens Alexander, Business Manager.

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