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Merry Christmas!

Approaching Christmas time, we would like to reflect on what a challenging year this has been, to rightly show – acknowledgment and appreciation to everyone who is/has been involved in supporting the NHS and the wider UK population, often going above and beyond to provide critical care throughout 2020. We all, should be very proud to not only support the NHS (and our loved ones), but to have our dedicated field engineers, and logistics team working directly in the acute NHS trusts across the UK as part of the front-line team.. We should also, applaud the fine back office functions at Hugo 1 and 2 all of whom, have supported the wider NHS and UK population throughout the year tirelessly.

We would like to express a special thank you to our customers, suppliers and employees who have shown relentless and tireless commitment to accommodate the increase in demands on the UK healthcare system. -David Juggins, Chief Commercial Officer, Hugo Technology Ltd -Daniel Trigger, Chief Operating Officer, Hugo Technology Ltd

From everyone at Hugo we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Please everyone stay safe and have a happy new year!.

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