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Operational Space Expansion

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

We have extended our operational space in the upstairs mezzanine @Hugo 2. This development is a result of the increased demand caused from COVID-19, and to further ensure business continuity. This is also accompanied by the acquisition of a new premises (Hugo 4), which will be dedicated to efforts combating COVID-19, and to manage contingencies.

“In the next few weeks, we will be receiving devices from many OEM`s, and the total volume/quantities is mind boggling. The devices will be shipped in for testing, build, project management and delivery – over a number of months – to all NHS sites in the UK. I am in advanced talks with market leading OEM’s, where they need help to pre-commission a large amount of devices, these activities, will be field & b2b.. the teams are readying space at Hugo 2 for this increase in workload, and as contingency. We have ramped up all critical activities at Hugo 1 & 2, and the work output and commitment is astounding – well done! The teams are working weekends, helping to build more contingency of availability of devices, again brilliant work. And to the FSE`s (Warehouse team), and all who venture into the field – brilliant as ever!! THANK YOU. Take care, and be proud of your efforts.. I am.”

-David Juggins, Chief Commercial Officer, Hugo Technology

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