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Stephens climbs Mount Snowdon for charity

Raising money for Mental Health Charity, Mind.

Stephens Alexander, Hugo’s Business Manager embarked on a mountain climbing charity event in Wales in a bid to raise money for Mind, a Mental Health charity. He joined a group of 100 participants who aimed to raise £10,000 for the charity.

Stephens tells us more below:

‘A very good friend of mine, Alex Myers who is a seasoned personal trainer and life coach, organised a group climb of Mount Snowdon in a bid to raise money for mental health charity, Mind. Despite being an inexperienced climber, I immediately decided to participate and support the course- a subject matter with utmost importance for every human being.

On the day of the climb for extra motivation, I telephoned my 6-year-old son to remind him that I was now on my way to climb Mount Snowdon, to which he replied: ‘I don’t think you’d get to the top of the mountain, Daddy!’ Why not? I quizzed. ‘well, mountains are taller than houses, and I don’t think that you can climb to the roof of our house!’

Very logical, I thought, but he did make me laugh out loud.

The Pyg Track of Mount Snowdon was the chosen route up- one of two routes starting from Pen y Pass. The Pyg Track is a rocky and difficult path with several steep climbs. While the Pyg track is one of the shortest routes up yr Wyddfa (Snowdon), it is the most rugged and challenging route to the summit.

Alex decided to put me through my paces. We power climbed for the first 30 minutes. I can honestly say that it was by far the most difficult 30 minutes of physical activity that I have ever been involved in. I was absolutely out of my comfort zone and my legs were burning! On the way up, I spotted a group of climbers that depended on feeding tubes/devices manouevering the mountain- A nice reminder of the importance of the work that we do here at Hugo Technology with regards the repair and maintenance medical devices that everyday people rely upon.

I pressed on and was able to complete the climb in 2 hours and descended via the miners’ track- a farther, but extremely scenic route, taking my total time to 4 hours to complete Snowdon. 

Despite the pain endured in the first 30 minutes, power climbing and overtaking everyone in our path and feeling the burn, it was a really rewarding experience overall. I would like to thank everyone that supported me and donated towards the course. With your support, a number of people will be in receipt of additional emotional, psychological and social well-being support that is crucial to their mental health through Mind. I will do this all over again’

Stephens now aims to bring the Team at Hugo together for a fund raising charity event whilst raising money for a charity local to Bromsgrove as part of our community integration plan.  Keep your eyes peeled for our future communication around this!

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