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Welcome to Philips Healthcare

We’re proud to be working with Philips Healthcare

Hugo Technology is immensely proud to announce that we have recently signed a 5 year contract agreement with Philips Healthcare. The relationship with Philips first began in 2007, and has now become one of Hugo’s most established partnerships. Through the use of our Service design, the management team were able to liaise with Philips and build a team of back to base and field engineers who are able to provide maintenance/repair on Philips devices across the UK.

Hugo provides a range of services for Philips:

  1. Philips Bench

  2. Field Change Orders (FCO)

  3. Helpdesk Support

  4. Training Centre

  5. Correctives

  6. Installations

  7. Pre-commissioning

These services cover a range of care areas for Philips including Patient Monitoring, Ultrasound, Ventilation and Digital Pathology.

Continued Support

Hugo are exceedingly grateful for the opportunities that Philips have provided throughout the duration of the partnership, we aim to continually provide high quality service support to meet their requirements. The 5 year contract reinforces the successful relationship between Hugo and Philips, with the option to add international support in future, this emphasises the trust that Philips has in Hugo’s capabilities and allows for future proofing on an international scale. Hugo’s continual innovation will allow for the expansion of these services internationally to support Philips for years to come.


“Like Philips, Hugo Technology places patient care at the very centre of its work. Our shared values of commitment, transparency and respect make us natural partners and I’m delighted we’ve extended our partnership.”

– Simon McGuire, Managing Director Health Systems UK&I, Philips

“The Hugo team are a real credit to their profession.  Their dedication, commitment to customer service and quality of work are just a handful of the many reasons there is such a good partnership between Philips and Hugo.  We are very much looking forward to extending this collaboration in the coming years.”

– Richard Hopperton, Market Procurement Manager, Philips

“Hugo are thrilled to be working in partnership with Philips for another 5 years. The opportunity to support and develop with such an internationally recognised company is a huge honour for us and our staff. This has been formed over the last 10 years and is credit to the professionalism and dedication of both the Hugo and Philips team. We look forward to delivering the highest quality service that lives depend upon.”

– Warwick Oakey, Director, Hugo Technology

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