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Hugo and OrganOx Partnership Expansion

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

OrganOx metra®

OrganOx is revolutionising the transplant industry with their latest product, the metra®. This device enables the normothermic preservation of donated livers for up to 24 hours, allowing the assessment of organs during perfusion. Through the metra®, OrganOx aims to make every donated organ count, to decrease waiting list mortality and to improve post-transplant outcomes.

The OrganOx metra® is a CE marked device and has successfully completed a comprehensive set of pre-clinical studies and clinical trials in Europe. A pivotal clinical trial is ongoing in the US prior to an application to the FDA for US market approval.

Hugo Technology Support

Hugo currently provides a range of services for OrganOx, including Pre-Commissioning, Preventative maintenance and Storage & stock control.

Through its pre-commissioning service, Hugo receives OrganOx devices from the production line and performs a number of checks to ensure the devices function against pre-specified criteria prior to shipment to customers.

Hugo supports OrganOx’s Preventative maintenance activities by providing servicing support across Europe. Hugo Field Service Engineers (FSE) travel to OrganOx customer sites, ensuring that devices are serviced to an agreed specification with minimal disruption.

Through its storage and stock control service Hugo manages storage and ordering for the OrganOx metra® disposable sets. This service is provided through Hugo’s secure warehouse facility which can store products ready to be dispatched. When a request is made, Hugo picks the disposable sets from its stock and packages them for transport.

Hugo works with clients to tailor a bespoke service offering; see our Service Design portal for further information.

Continued Support

“It’s fantastic to work in partnership with a life transforming technology provider, in particular where we have provided specialist service support expertise. The relationship is prospering due to the close partnership we have established enabling the development and improvement of services.

One of Hugo’s unique selling points is our service design process which allows for continuous innovation and development of services. Hugo has the capacity and capability to provide continual support from pre-commissioning, preventive maintenance to new services that may be requested from OrganOx in future.”

–David Juggins, Commercial Manager, Hugo Technology LTD

“We’re delighted with the support services we have received from Hugo. Their detailed and flexible approach has led to our partnership expanding such that Hugo now provides an integrated set of services. This will likely grow further as we meet the demand for our technology around the world.”  

–Andy Self, Commercial Director, OrganOx

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